Tripadvisor - Certificate of Excellence
Certificato - Ospitalità Italiana
Tripadvisor - Certificate of Excellence
Certificato - Ospitalità Italiana

Hotel with thermal centre in Ischia: how to regain physical well-being and health

At the thermal centre of the hotel our guests can choose between massages, mud baths and special therapies for regaining fitness and health and treating specific diseases.

These are the main treatments offered:

  • Mud and therapeutic baths
  • Ozone baths
  • Inhalations and aerosol
  • Micronized nasal shower
  • Massage therapy

Main therapeutic indication of thermal treatments

Treatments based on mud and thermal water are an excellent natural remedy for a wide range of diseases. They do not only enhance general well-being, but are also highly recommended for several specific treatments:

  • Arthrosis and rheumatisms: chronic diseases of bones, muscles and joints
  • Arthrosis, gout and rheumatisms not affecting the joints (bursitis, tendinitis etc.)
  • Rehabilitation treatments after fractures or orthopaedic operations
  • Ear, nose and throat diseases: chronic diseases of the respiratory system
  • Chronic catarrhal inflammations, vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis
  • Adenoids, diseases of the middle ear in paediatric age and chronic otosalpingitis

Contraindications to thermal treatments
There are some diseases for which thermal treatments are not advisable. Here you find a list of some of these cases, but we kindly invite you to ask your family doctor for more information: cardiopathy, severe deficiencies of cardiovascular and respiratory organs, severe hypertension, severe hepatic and renal insufficiency, haemorrhages, infectious diseases, tumours.

It is particularly recommended not to undergo thermal treatments and use thermal swimming pools during pregnancy.